I Love Race Medals was founded to offer runners a chance to earn some amazing custom designed medals while also supporting charities. Our founder didn’t discover the runner’s high until she was in her 30’s. What started out as just another exercise to stay healthy turned into a joy of hitting the pavement with the sun shining on her face and a favorite playlist in her ears. After running her first race and receiving that medal, she was not only hooked on running but had developed a love for race bling as well. One of her other interests has always been helping people and animals in need. I Love Race Medals virtual racing combines those two passions.


A Glimpse at the Races that Inspired Our Founder

1st 5K – Cheetah Run

1st 10K – Little Miami

1st Half Marathon – Myrtle Beach Mini

Founded to Offer Runners a Chance to Earn Amazing Bling and Support Charity